Tuesday, June 29, 2010


For Billy's 28th Birthday I surprised him with Skydiving! He was totally shocked! He was really excited to go! So here are a few pictures from the day!!
Billy always gets his favorite DQ cake for his Birthday!
Here's everyone that went!
I thought we got some pretty cool shots of everybody in the air! Here are a few of Billy!

He said it was one of the coolest things he's ever experienced! He said he loved going through the clouds, you could feel the moisture. They did a few flips when they were free falling! He said it wasn't scary at all! It was just really fun! He is now talking like he's going to go once a year!!!
I have such a crazy thrill seeeking husband, I'm so glad he loved it!!


Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

ah what a spoiled husband! ; ) no you treat him well lacey! It looks like he had a great b day!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

I saw the cake and knew that it was a DQ cake, haha!! I love the last picture of them all walking towards you, what a great shot!

Brittany said...

whoa, skydiving freaks me out! How fun though. You got some great shots. Congrats on #2 on the way!!