Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY Spray Paint Old Light Fixtures

So obviously these pictures are in backwards order. But these bottom pictures just weren't special enough to post on top. Anyway, I have been wanting to spray these ugly, GOLD, 20 year old, outdated, covered in webs/hornet nest light fixtures! They hang outside our front door, garage, and back porch. But I figured the glass wasn't removable and I didn't feel like scraping paint off the glass after. And I hate touching webby/ nesty things! But I just couldn't look at those hideous fixtures anymore. So the hubby took down the lights for me. I cleaned them WELL! It was pretty traumatic HUGE spiders kept crawling out of weird crevaces on the lights. I know I'm a baby but seriously the bugs/spiders are so BIG here in Georgia! Before I get off on a tangent about that... I better continue.
So pretty much ...
  • took the lights down
  • removed all screws that held glass in place
  • removed glass
  • cleaned everything
  • layed it all on a drop cloth and spray painted them black
  • And then put it all back together again

Pretty simple... anyone could figure it out. We used indoor/Outdoor spray paint since they are hanging outside.
I think they look a million times better and it's one less thing I have to buy for this house!
(We have been renovating for a year now! And it seems there's always something to buy for something!)

Here they are hanging outside. Next major project will be painting the exterior of the house. You can see a tiny piece of our newly painted black shudders. We also painted our Front door black too. I think it looks way better!


Jamie said...

How funny. I just found these on a linking party at Fingerprints on the fridge. I have the exact same ones on my house. I found them at a yard sale for $.50 a peice, still in the box. My husband and I painted them black and they look fantastic. Great minds think alike.:)

Ryan and Jannali said...

look at you crafty lady! they look great! better woman than me cleaning out those spider webs...yuck!

Anonymous said...

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