Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a Boy!

I FINALLY had my ultra sound after MONTHS of waiting! And we are so excited about our cute little baby boy! Brody will be 21 months old when Beckham is born so it's SO perfect that he is a boy! They can be the best of friends growing up! Plus I have this silly obsession with having 2 boys in bunk beds. It sounds so fun to me. So I can't wait to make that happen! I can't wait to watch them grow up together and hopefully entertain each other : ) ! I have so much fun going to all Billy's games...This year he played on a basketball league, a softball leage SPRING and summer, and now Flag Football starts tomorrow! And that doesn't even count all the times he goes and plays church sports! So he keeps us SUPER busy! But I look forward to going to my little boys sporting events one day! Boys are so much fun! (although I am still convinced nothing is sweeter than a sweet little girl) Anyway, we could not be HAPPIER about the gender of our little baby! We feel so lucky and are looking forward to becoming a Family of 4!

Thought I'd share a 1/2 way photo!

So here's the story on the cupcakes:
I am a little bit of a cheeseball when it comes to Holidays and any kind of special occasion! So I always have to do something to make it even more fun. So this time I decided to make cupcakes dye the batter either blue/pink and then frost them. Then take the cupcakes to co-workers or close friends who were just as excited to find out as us! So obviously I dyed them Blue and it was so fun to see people open them up and be excited to see! Anyway I think it's a fun idea of how to tell REVEAL the sex of the baby to close family/ friends.

Thought I better post some pictures of Brody since it's been FOREVER! Here he is smile less. Apparently smiling is the last thing on his mind when I flash a big camera in his face : ) But his sober faces make me smile! They are so curious and serious as he looks at me like " what are you doing Mom?"
His latest Milestone would have to be him being a pro at eating with his own fork and spoon. I can actually give him a bowl of food and a spoon or fork and trust that he won't chuck it off his tray! Yay!! He is always so proud of himself doing it too!
I just have to post about this Cozy Coupe because seriously he plays in it every single day! He loves this thing!

He also loves to read books! He brings them to me all day long! And his very favorite is his Dora book he brings it to me and shouts " DORRRA!" with a big grin on his face. It's too cute! : )
Billy was about to leave for football practice so that explains the sweet cut off!


Tyler and Rachael said...

we are so excited for you! tyler saw your announcement on facebook and that was the first thing he told me about when i woke up that morning. congrats on the boy power happening in your house!

jenn said...

21 months is a great spacing. Especially if they are the same gender. That is what my girls are and they are the best little buddies. Congrats!