Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marvelously Made Mondays!

Thought I'd share a few FUN ideas I've recently found that I LOVE and ADORE!

1. Fabric Book Shelves

Okay.... aren't these the cutest little fabric book shelves???! I am in love! I love the idea because you can pick out any fabric that matches your decor and your kiddos can reach them easily! So fun and super easy...well I haven't tried it yet. But the tutorial looks really easy! Check it out by clicking below at PENNY CARNIVAL! She has tons of pictures from lots of other readers who have made their own and hung them in all sorts of fun places! I love all these talented women I get to learn from! : )

2. Hutch REDO

I'll admit it I'm completely obsessed with adorable antique looking furniture that is repainted and brought back to life again! I could look at amazing before and after pictures like these ALL DAY long! I would love this hutch! Check out how she put that adorable pattern inside too!

TO see the full post click on the link below to CRAFTING CHICKS!

3. Painted cookies
I cannot get a picture of these to load on this post... SO sorry no picture. But these look like so much fun!
They are basically sugar cookies and then you paint them with a mixture that you add food coloring too! And then bake them. I think kids would absolutely LOVE this! If Brody was a little calmer I would totally do this with him! ( I think I'll wait 6 more months) But for kids a little older it would be perfect!! Try it out all you FUN MOMS out there! : )
Click on the link below to check out THE BIRD'S PAPAYA blog with the recipe and pictures!


Megan said...

Thanks for linking to my book sling tutorial! Looks like you have a fun blog here.

The Wright Family said...

The book shelf idea is AWESOME! I was telling Dave we needed to buy a book shelf for Tyler cause I was sick of seeing books everywhere! I am going to use this idea! Thanks for sharing!!

dining room furniture said...

I like the fabric shelves! I find it so amusing. This is very nice.