Thursday, October 14, 2010


Utah Trip October 2010

Oh how things have changed... My best friend just got married ( krista

of course) last night. I was so surprised to see her with a handful of
brides maids I didn't know. I didn't know her fiancée at all since I
live so far away in Georgia and her beautiful family was even more
beautiful and grown up since I left! When you leave and move away you
don't realize how much you're missing till you come back and see
everybody. Life goes on and changes but you aren't there to see it
happen. New people fill the space that you left and your role isn't
nearly as significant as it once was. As much as you wish you could be
that person filling the roles of all those peoples lives you know you
can't. You've made a new life with new friends, responsibilities, and
your own family to take care of and be there for. Which is why you are
so grateful new faces could step in and fill the space you left. It
amazes me how much people change in one to two years time! We visited
lots of family while we were in Utah and it amazes me how people with
no kids suddenly have 2 year olds, How people grow a foot and look so
different and way more grown up, and how in two years people can
really mature and change into a completely different person. This trip
to Utah was amazing but so strange for all those reasons! It was so
good to see everyone I could fit into one weeks time! But I think I
learned an important lesson about relationships this trip. And the
importance of nurturing relationships and taking time to make those
important people a priority. Otherwise one day those relationships
could be gone or not nearly as strong! And life is too short to have
spent so many years building important memories and strong bonds with
people to let it all just go to waste! Unfortunately life is busy....
And we don't have time to talk to every last friend and family member
we ever knew and had fun times with. So I think it's important to make
time for the ones you REALLY love and couldnt imagine your life with
out! And it's okay to let old friends and acqauntices turn into
memories of wonderful people you'll cherish forever! And hopefully see
now and again and say hello on FB! : )

All that being said I am so grateful to have a family that's always
there when we visit Utah
( my side and Billy's) and one BFF who will always be my BFF! I
honestly know with all my heart that she will always ALWAYS be there
for me no matter what happens! And I will ALWAYS be there for her too!
Just not in person since I live 2000 miles away! And I'm so grateful
for all the new friends and people in my life in Georgia! And
seriously I feel so blessed to have the best husband in the whole
world who is a better person than I could have ever wished for or knew
existed! I also adore my cute Brody and love being a Mom! And I love
having Billy's family in Georgia... I love every single one of them!
Maybe the fact that I tuned the BIG 25 made me realize all of this...
Ha ha but Life is short,wonderful, and so precious and I'm going to
truly try to cherish every moment and all the people in it!!

Enough with the novel here are some pictures from our trip! I didn't
take nearly enough and definitely didn't get pictures with all the
family and friends we saw!! But here are just a few of the million I took:

( This website is being crazy and won't let me upload any photos I've cropped or flipped! So more PICS COMING!)

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