Monday, November 8, 2010

Marvelously Made Mondays!

 Here are this weeks finds from Blogland:


DIY Boxwood Topiary
Isn't this adorable?! I want to make this right now! I even went thrift store shopping to try and find a cute base or URN for the bottom. As soon as I find the right one. This is my next project! It looks like it fell right out of a Pottery Barn catalog!

This comes from the THE BLESSED LIFE
And she gives great detailed instructions on how to make it with tons more pictures! Check it out!

Brush Your Teeth Sign

I thought this looked so great and so expensive! Like I've said before I love things that don't necessarily have that Home Made look. I love this! I love how easy it is to make and how cute it would be in any bathroom...but also so many other things you could spell out! It's not Vinyl either which is a money saver!!

She has lots of adorable pictures of it and full detailed instructions on how to make it! Go check it out!


Ryan and Jannali said...

1) LOVE your blog make over and your pumpkins picture you took!
2) love that you are playing Christmas music
3) Love the brush your teeth sign and diy boxwood topiary/urn.

Too cute!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

You are so sweet to feature me! I'm glad you like it - you will have to comment or e-mail me when you make yours. I was just at Goodwill today and saw a ton of ugly arrangements in great little urns. Too bad you don't live in New England! Keep looking; one will definitely turn up!

P.S. I really, really hope this doesn't come across in a bad way, but my blog name is "This Blessed Life." "The Blessed Nest" is another great blog and she has great home ideas as well - you should check her out!

Have a wonderful day and thanks again for being so sweet!