Monday, November 15, 2010

Marvelously Made Mondays!

Christmas Is COMING!
1 Month 1 week and 3 days... in case you wondering!

So here are some cute Christmas Crafts from Blogland:

First up Adorable Home made stockings from Dear Lillie
I Adore these! They are shabby chic and super sweet! Love them!

Next up This CUTE Ribbon Wreath from She's Kinda Crafty!
I love wreaths! She gives great detailed instructions on how to make one so go check her out!

This is such a sweet idea... great for gifts too!
Isn't this so fun?! A Hand Print Christmas Pillow from SUGAR BEE Craft Edition
You could do one every year of your kids as their hands get bigger. What a fun Christmas Tradition!
She gives you all the details on how easy it was to make! Go check her out!

I love these cute little Personalized Christmas Shirts too! You could do so many different things with this idea! This idea comes from Leslie's Life Go check her out... She tells you everything you need to make them! Super easy and cheap too!

 This isn't necessarily a Christmas themed project..But you could make it for a Christmas gift!
This cute wall hanger comes from one of my new Favorite blogs TRACY'S TRINKETS
She's to talented! Check her out!

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Deirdre Catherine O'Neill said...

I love the stockings, they are soo cute!!! I really love the them against the white fireplace. I write about interior design all day at work but I don't take it home with me, so I might need you to come over and decorate my place for Christmas!!