Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ugly Side Table MADE cute!

I am always stopping by Goodwill as often as I can. It's always hit or miss with Thrift Stores. Sometimes I find GREAT stuff and other times there is nothing good! I'm always looking for old looking furniture that I can put new cute hardware on and paint. I'm really picky so I'm always happy when I find something I like!
This table I probably would have NEVER bought untill I saw the price tag of $3.00! It was such a steal I had to see what I could do!

So I got out my Sander and went to town on the top, drawer and lightly everywhere else. Then I primed with Valspar RED/BROWN primer. Don't mind the messy can... I had the spray paint handle on wrong so it was getting everywhere! That Spray paint handle is amazing though! I highly recommend it! It was only 2 dollars at Lowes and it attatches to any spray paint can.
Next I used Glossy Black Rustoleum Spray Paint

 I spray painted the gold hardware with some flat black spray paint I had lying around and it's finished! I had decided when I bought this that I would sell it on craigslist to make a profit on it. (Trying to save up some extra money for a Secret Christmas Present for the Hubby) But it I were going to keep it I would have put a really cute clear crystal looking handle on. They have adorable ones at Hobby Lobby!

Now it's no Million Dollar Side table but not bad for $3.00 right??!!


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Ryan and Jannali said...

how cute!! I love it Lacey you did a fabulous job

Tammy said...

Who would've guessed it would turn out so cute? Great makeover! I'm a GW girl too! And a GA one! Thanks for following me! I"m following you right back! Enjoying browsing your lovely blog.

Ryan and Brindi said...

wow,it turned out really cute! u r inspiring me to go look for stuff!

Rory and Courtney Duckworth said...

Wow That looks great! good job! Oh and I love your Christmas music....it makes me happy :)

Katie said...

Great Job! I'm starting my first furniture redo so I'm getting inspiration from people like you. Thanks!

Tyler and Rachael said...

LOVE it. I need your finding talent...i stopped by Goodwill and found nothing. I guess I need to stop by more often. I am in the search of some kind of entry table. I love love love what you found and did.