Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 1: of the 3 day Potty Training Method

Day 1:
Wow.... is the first word that comes to my mind when thinking about today! I'm so glad Day one is over! To be honest I was pleasantly surprised in a lot of ways and in some ways it was more tedious and tiring than I thought. But overall it was a SUCCESS! So I will start from the beginning of today.

He woke up at ten thirty. I made sure I was fully ready to go because I knew I could not leave his side after we began. We went downstairs and I had him throw his very wet diaper away. I explained to him that there were no more diapers. (doubt he understood any of it) But hey I followed the rules of the method.

Then I put on the first pair of underwear. I made sure I had a full supply 30 or so pairs in the bathroom, hand sanitizer, M&Ms for reward, and plenty of wipes.

I gave him a huge cup of Milk like I always do and then I had him help me pour in all the ingredients for Orange Julius. I know Orange juice makes you pee a lot and I knew he'd love it and drink lots of it. Then we went into the living room and played with toys.

Then came the first accident. He was totally freaked out by the fact that warm pee was running down his legs and a huge puddle on the floor ( I had previously rolled up the rug, thank goodness for hardwoods ) He looked so scared and immediately ran to my arms. I scooped him up and ran him to the bathroom. I said " let's keep your underwear dry. Tell Mommy if you have to go potty okay? " as I sat him on the potty. Then we changed his underwear. And went back to the living room to play. After an hour and a half I had gone through 15 pairs of underwear. He would dribble tiny bits in his underwear or lots on the floor and each time I did the same thing.  I scooped him up and ran him to the bathroom. I said " let's keep your underwear dry. Tell Mommy if you have to go potty okay? " as I sat him on the potty.  Then we changed his underwear.

I was feeling extremely frustrated by this point it was only 12:00 and I wasn't sure this wasn't going to work. But soon he started marching really fast and running to me every time he had the urge to go. We didn't always make it. We still got a little in his underwar and went through lots more pairs of underwear. But now I knew he understood how to tell me. Eventually he started doing that little march and coming and grabbing my hand and we would run to the bathroom!!! He started making it to the potty with out going in his underwear! And of course I would reward him each time he told me and we went on the potty even if he got some in his underwear. I couldn't believe he was actually telling me and that he was actually going in the potty! Each time I would show him in his potty all the pee and tell him " I am so proud of you, GOOD JOB! You are such a big Boy!" and we would go play.

He still had accidents here and there but they were more of little dribbles. Finally It was around 1:45 and I was so nervous about putting him down for his usual nap at 2:00. I was nervous he would wet the bed. And I contemplated putting a pull up or diaper on him to give myself a break. But I stayed strong and kept to the method. Which says there is no need, they can take naps with out diapers on. Just make sure you have them pee before and as soon as you hear them wake up hurry and get them and rush them to the potty. The method also tells you not to feel bad if they wet the bed. After all you are pumping them full of liquids all day. And it's bound to happen.

Well he made  it untill 2:15 with out any accidents. He would tell me everytime and he would go potty. I felt confident he could last atleast an hour for a nap. (atleast I hoped) Plus I seriously needed a break by now!!!

So I put him in his bed. He slept untill 4:00 PM. I went in as soon as I heard him. I was SURPRISED to find him DRY!!! I ran him to the potty and he went a ton. He went three more times after that with in the next 20 minutes, he told me everytime and had no accidents! I was completely shocked!! Could this really be working already!!! He was still in that same pair of underwear from 1:45 Pm!

In the e-book she says for half of her kids it took till the 3rd day till they even made it in the potty. And she recommends you wait till 22 months. She thinks that is the ideal age. But she also says if you try sooner it just might take longer. So I was seriously so excited he was starting to really get it!!

Unfortunately after that he had lots of "dribbles'' and accidents and successes too. But nothing as consisent as earlier that day. I did 1 load of wash with his 30 pairs of underwear. So that tells you how many accidents he had.

I am still feeling really good about it. I didn't think he'd be able to communicate to me that he had to go. And that alone is a big success for DAY 1 to me. And the fact that he napped with out an accident is another TOTAL success to me. And that he made it through out the day on the potty tells me he is more ready than I probably knew.

I think part of me was secretly hoping he wasn't ready and after the 3 days I could put him back in diapers and try again later. But I am now realizing he is ready for this! I just need to stay focused, Patient and banned to the house for 2 more days!

The one thing I was worried about all day and totally FRUSTRATED by was that it seemed like he would go 10 times in an hour before his bladder would be empty, sometimes a lot and sometimes little dribbles. And I wasn't mentally prepared for anything like that. I was starting to wonder if something was wrong with Brody. That he couldn't just go to the bathroom and let it all out. But I read through the e-book again. And someone had asked her that same question and she says it's completely normal and part of them learning how to release it all. So I thought I would share that for any of you out there who might face that problem too. I was literally running him to the potty every five minutes some hours. And little dribbles would come. It was super TEDIOUS!

The other thing I am a little concerned about is that he hasn't pooped at all today. I normally change 4-5 poopy diapers a day!!! So I'm wondering if he is nervous about it or holding it in or something. But I know kids have days where there is no poop. So I'll see how it goes tomorrow and Wednesday.

Lots of info!!! But I want to remember all of this. And I figured it might help some of you who might be going through this "FUN STAGE" soon!

Day 1 officially OVER!!!


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Jill and Joel Gibb said...

My son had a poop problem too. He still does and were on week 2 of potty training. He use to poop 2 times a day if not more now its every other day but its A LOT of poop. He still doesnt love pooping on the potty so i think he holds it. Pooping was a bigger struggle then pee but you can do it he has to poop eventually he might become constipated so feed him a ton of high fiber foods and he will have no choice! Good luck your doing awesome!

Ryan and Brindi said...

wow lacey, i am impressed! when i tried with aiden at 18 months he refused to go poo on the potty so i think that is pretty normal. when i put the diaper on at night he would immediately go poo! good luck! it sounds like it's working. yipee! :)