Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2: of the 3 Day Potty Training Method

Day 2: of the 3 Day Potty Training Method by Lora Jensen

Today was a GREAT day! I have to say the hardest part about this whole process is just doing nothing but staring at your child all day playing with them and watching their favorite shows without a break! I like to think I normally spend a lot of time doing those things with Brody. But I can usually go do the dishes or check my email. So I get five seconds here and there to myself. But with this whole Method you can not ever let them out of your sight. And for me that is the most exhausting part!

That being said it TOTALLY works! I reccommend this e-book for anyone who is potty training.

This morning I laid in bed thinking to myself. Here we go again... and I was just waiting for him to wake up so I could get a fresh start on this whole Potty Training thing. Plus I wanted to see if he made it through his first night dry or not! We put him to bed around 8:00 Pm and when we checked on him around 12 he was still dry. So we were hopeful!

I had the monitor in my bedroom all night and I heard him babbling to himself at about 2:30 a.m. but I didn't go and get him. I was too nervous he would get all riled up and not go back to sleep. But I was worried that he might be peeing in his bed too! Well I think he was because this morning he didn't wake up untill 9:30 am. and when I went in he was completely dry but his bed was soaked. Which means his underwear must have dried by morning. Poor guy! I should have gone in at 2:30 and had him go potty.

But after I changed him into dry underwear and changed his sheets, the morning went great!!! He told me EVERY single time he had to go to bathroom. What I mean by told me is he would look at me and then run as fast as his little legs could go to the bathroom. He would stand there I would pull down his underwear and he would go! By 12:30 he had gone through 5 pairs of underwear but only because a little would dribble in them before we got to the potty, he would still go in the potty every time. And he still ran to the potty EVERY time! He ate lunch, went potty again and went down for a nap at 1:00 pm. He slept for 2 hours and I was so happy to find him completely dry AGAIN when I got him out. He had the same pair of underwear from like 11:00 am till 3:30 with no accidents, dribbles or anything! I was so surprised and so proud of Brody. Then he may have dribbled a few more times after that but he still ran to the bathroom every time and there were definitely WAY more successes! 

Then my husband Billy brought home dinner and it all went downhill! Brody starting clinging to me and running to me every second and laying his head on my shoulder. He was acting scared of Billy! And he kept running to me with this worried look on his face. So I kept thinking he had to go to the bathroom or something but he didn't so he would get frustrated that I was taking him for no reason. I have no idea why he was acting like that. The only things I can think of is maybe he was nervous to go potty in front of Billy or he was nervous Billy was going to take him to the potty and he only wanted me to do it. Or maybe he had to poop and is STILL holding it in and scared to go in the potty. I have no idea! But he had 4 accidents from when Billy came home to when we put him to bed. Which put a damper on my WONDERFUL, successful day!

But Today was a BILLION times easier than DAY 1! I was feeling like he was practically potty trained! Untill Billy came home that is : )  So maybe I am just going to have to stay close to him when Billy is around untill he gets the full hang of it!

I feel great about today though. And if tomorrow goes any better than today he will be a Potty Trained Boy for sure by the end of tomorrow! I can't believe this method works so quickly!!

Still worried about that pooping thing! I think he is for sure holding it in. And that whole dribbling every five minutes thing has gotten a lot better. He's learning to go all at once now. Which is wonderful!

So Day 2 Over....


The Redds said...

WOW! Way to go...I'm completely jealous of you right now... I'm thinking I may want to try this out! I have a 6 month old though...am I going to be able to do it with him around? Sounds like you have to be with him all day? Is that how it works?

Gaik Ling said...

I am trying to start my gal's potty training too but seems like my method doesnt work! :)
Pls feel free to visit my blog sometime...