Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December is flying by!

Brody Meets Santa !

I figured I better update with a picture! It's been a while! Brody loved Santa this year. Last year he pulled his beard and it made for a great picture! We've been enjoying this Holiday season with our older Brody. Each year seems to get more and more fun!

Update on Pregnancy:
I am about 5 weeks from my due date and I am so DONE being pregnant. But still feeling nervous about a new baby and especially adding a 2nd one to the mix. It's a lot more complicated when you have one already. Because it's not just going to change our lives(MIne and Billy's) but little Brody's life too! I am so curious how he will adjust to the new baby and if all my potty training work will go down the drain! Last week at my appointment they said they think the baby is Breach!!!! YIKES! I have an ultrasound next week to confirm it. But I think the baby may have switched around again. I swear I feel his feet in my ribs. But we'll see! As for the little guy's name... We are not set on any middle names yet. We are naming him Beckham which I have loved for like 4 years but couldn't use with Brody. So we are thinking
Beckham Taylor Quale
But not 100% sure! Naming is a BIG decision!
I still can't believe I am going to have 2 kids, 2 little boys, and a family of 4! All so scary but super exciting!!

Enough Rambling....

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you all have the best Holiday!

p.s.-anyone who is curious about Potty's been going fabulous! He is accident free most days. Once in a while when he is too involved in playing with friends or his toys he'll forget. He'll even go on a public toilet when we go places. He sleeps through the night dry and naps. But I do wake him up around 12:00 when we go to bed to have him go potty. The pooping is still a challenge. I called my pediatrician and she said that its completely normal and part of the process. She said kids look at their poop as an extension of thier body and it freaks them out to see it leave their body. It just takes some time to get the hang of it. So we are still working on it!


Tyler and Rachael said...

Brody is definitely growing up. So fun to see pictures. And....AMAZING that he is potty trained. Way to go!!!

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

Love the name beckham!! I've been reading ur potty training info today. I'm not a fan of potty training but I made it through today! Judd had two accidents and that was it but he isn't telling me he has to go. He'll just go when I put him on the potty. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the info! You're coming to an end with ur pregnancy! Good luck and live it up with just one, while u still can!