Sunday, December 12, 2010

Potty Training a success!!! COMPLETELY accident Free today!

Well I said today I would do one last post on my Potty Training adventures!
So here it is:

This has really been one of the most challenging weeks so far as a parent. After the three days every day seemed to get a little better. But I have been exhausted from it! Watching Brody so closely, trying to be overly excited everytime he used the potty, being calm and patient when I wanted to freak out, not seeing daylight for 7 days, taking care of a dog in heat, and being 6 weeks away from my due date have completely taken every ounce of energy out of me!!

But it was all worth it!! My Brody had No accidents today! Made it to the potty every time successfully! I CAN'T believe it considering last Sunday he was my 19 month old diaper baby who'd never even seen a potty! And considering how AWFUL Monday was with like 50 accidents and cleaning up pee all day. I would have never dreamed 6 days later he would be accident free!

Brody doesn't seem afraid of going poop at all. He now let's Billy take him to the potty and if I ask him if he needs to go and he truly needs to go he runs to the bathroom!

I think what worked for us was that the 3 day method gave me and Brody a crash course on him learning his own body signals because I only took him to the potty if he had an accident or told me. I didn't just take him around the clock every so many minutes. By day four I started taking him more often and that helped on less accidents but I think it was important to let him have all the accidents in the first 3 days so he could learn his body signals. I'm SO glad I read the three day method because there were so many situations that came up that I knew exactly what do because she addressed them all. I would have been so clueless!

Now for the future I plan to use a pull up for going out shopping and long car rides even though she recommends not doing it. For me I need the crutch to lean on. I would be too worried and stressed out going anywhere. I will just put it on over his underwear.
But luckily he's completely night time and nap trained so I will really only use the pull up for going out until I feel more comfortable.

I'm a newbie at all this potty training stuff and I have a lot to learn I'm sure but here is my tid bit of advice for any moms about to start potty training.

  • Make sure YOU are ready!!! It's a huge commitment and if you are doing it because u are tired of changing diapers and think it'll be easier... Let me tell you it's NOT easier! Diapers are way less work. That was one of my main motivations for starting and boy was I WRONG about it being easier!

  • I have read a lot of info on potty training. And there is a lot of controversy out there about whether or not you can or should potty train your child before they are ready. Some moms say it is not when the child is ready it's about the mom. Some kids might take longer because they are younger but they are just as capable. And some moms say it won't work and it's totally pointless if the child isn't "ready" Who knows what the right answer really is! So I guess you have to decide which way you lean and pick a method that matches with your feelings on those ideas.
Personally I feel like there is nothing wrong with potty training when YOU want to. I don't tt think it's going to harm the child if you wait till 3 in a half years old or if you do it at 18 months. I am writing this only because I read so many harsh comments out there in both directions! Just do whatever works best for you. And who cares what everyone tells you like " shouldn't your kid be potty trained by now?" or " your child is WAY too young to be potty trained"  I say lots of moms have done both age ranges and been successful and happy with the timing and results.

I'm just so happy that first week is over now and we can start living our life normally and figure out how to make trips to the potty fit into our life and schedule! And we hope for many more accident free days!

I'm so done talking/thinking/ and dreaming about potty training!
 So good luck to anyone out there going through it!


Sean and Summer said...

Good for you! I have been following your updates and am SO excited for when I potty train Oliver. Thanks for being so brave!!

The Cersey Family said...

My mother-in-law says that you should start young and that you aren't training your child you are training yourself because it is such a disciplined endeavor. My mom says that you should wait until your child is older and interested in learning. I say screw it all! I'd rather change diapers. I admire your tenacity and I am glad that it worked out for you!

Janelle said...

Hey! Long time no talk! So I took your advice and got the 3 day potty training e-book and started potty training my 28 month old girl this week. Holy moly, it's been so, so hard. The first day we went through about 50 pairs of underwear too. Yesterday was much better and she went the whole night and stayed dry! Today was day 3 of training and she didn't have any accidents until this evening. She'll tell me she needs to go and by the time we get to the bathroom she's gone a little in her underwear and will only sit on the potty for like 2 seconds. We change and repeat this about 8 times before she releases in the potty. How did you get Brody to fully release in the potty when he sat on it? I swear we run back and forth 20 times before anything major happens. I would love, love to chat with you about all this potty training stuff. Will you send me an email with some advice and suggestions so I can pick your brain more? lol... Hope you're doing well. Remember the Bon Lossee days and Raintree? haha...good times. Anyways, my email is

Can't wait to chat with you about all this stuff!! :D