Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year's! 2011

(taken on phone which is why it's all pixelated)
I love the beginning of a new year. It feels like a fresh new start. I love setting goals and looking back over the past year to see what goals I actually stuck to and accomplished.
 Last year was amazing...
I have had so much fun watching Brody grow into the 20 month old that he is now! He's changed and grown so much.
He turned ONE and had his first Birthday with LOTS of support from friends and family! He learned to walk this year, run, say his first words, eat with fork/spoon, go potty on his little potty, hit the ball with a baseball bat, kick a soccer ball around and throw a ball so hard and fast that he hits me in the face just about everyday! He loves to tickle people, dance, and climb up everything. He has found a love for coloring, reading books, dora stickers, play dough, and puzzles.
He loves to feel like he is helping out. He likes to get the dishwasher liquid out of the cupboard and put in the dishwasher and push start, put the clothes in the dryer, help mix and add ingredients when we bake, shut any door he sees open. If anything seems out of place he likes to put it away (not his own toys of course!)

It's been a lot of fun buying our fixer up and seeing all the progress and how far it's come.
I loved moving to a new place(Snellville) and meeting so many great people.
I have loved decorating our house and sewing lots!
I have loved all the new callings at church and doing things that really pushed me outside my box!
I have really fallen in love with the everyday life of being a stay at home mom. The cooking, cleaning, taking care of Brody and everything else that goes along with it.

Billy has always been an extremely hard worker. But this year he has out done himself again! He works so hard at work and then works on our house in the evenings and weekends. But he still manages to help out so much with Brody and spend lots of time with him. And he always seems to fit in all his sports! Softball 2 seasons this year, basketball ( church and rec leagues), and flag football! Not to mention he works out at the gym and had met his goal of being able to lift 265!
He's become quite the handy man from working on our house. I am confident he can literally do anything and it will look fabulous! He is a perfectionist and likes to do things on his own. But that's okay because the finished project always turns out great!

Looking forward to 2011!
  • Get our new baby boy Beckham here safely!
  • Finish and and put our house up for sell and buy another
  • buy a bigger car (truck or SUV) much needed!!!!
  • finish reading the scriptures all the way through! We are so close to finishing!
  • Me: get back in shape and lose all the baby weight again, go to the gym 3 X a week. Billy: Lift 315
  • we both want to run atleast one 5K together
  • continue diving into photography and learning everything I can, keep up my 365 blog
  • Finish Beckham and Brody's quilts
  • learn to plant flowers and keep them ALIVE!
  • cook more and learn some healthy recipes
  • go on a cruise

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Calloways said...

My favorite goals are go on a cruise and possibly the buying and selling of the house. Would you guys be moving closer out this way? Then that would be awesome. I also laughed at plant flowers and keep them alive! Good luck!!