Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pottery Barn

Oh how I love Pottery Barn! It feels like Christmas when the catalogs come in the mail! I look through them over and over again. Stealing decorating ideas, taking mental notes of paint colors used, fabrics in their quits, their bedding (I LOVE linens, bedding, towels, etc...) and all their latest color trends.

Well I have been dying to put two black beautiful rocking chairs on my porch. It just feels like the right thing to do to a "southern" porch. It feels so blank and empty with out them. Well I found the biggest jackpot 2 weeks ago at Goodwill. 2 brown wooden rocking chairs for 30$ each!! They are $99 a piece at lowes and I have been eyeing them every summer! But now the hunt has ended! We are going to paint them black and they already look so cute on the porch. The other day we had a nice, loud Georgia rain storm and I sat on the porch rocking my little Beckham. It was so perfect, so relaxing and I LOVED it!

Anyway so back to Pottery barn... when I saw their catalog cover had black rocking chairs on it, it made my Goodwill find seem that much better!

Their catalog got me so excited for spring! It's time!!!! It needs to come quicker! : )

And I had to share a spring DIY project I found in blog world!

Green Spring Wreath from

Full Directions HERE on how to make it!

The only thing I would have done differently is Made a bigger one! I love HUGE wreaths. This is so adorable just the way it is though!

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Ryan and Brindi said...

i love rocking chairs on a good old southern porch! so charming. glad u found a steal!