Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What? Where? Why? Wednesdays!!

I am starting a new fun thing on my blog....

WHAT? WHERE? WHY? Wednesdays!
I'm going to feature cute Etsy shops or other stay at home Mom's businesses. I have realized there are the coolest, cutest products and ideas out there that not enough people know about it. So what better way for me to find out about all these cool things and to share them than to make it a weekly THEME on my blog!

Today I'm starting out with 3 Etsy shops I adore!!

1) Do you have a DSLR camera? Then this one is for you!

WHAT:  adorable sturdy DSLR camera straps!
WHY: Because seriously these are the cutest camera straps you've ever seen! They are bright and colorful and the cutest fabrics, not to mention they are made really well! Check out her Etsy shop there are tons to choose from. Something for everyone!

P.S.- I have to mention I've personally met Natalie and she is one of the sweetest, nicest girls you'll ever meet. So if you do buy one oh her straps just know you are buying from a super sweet person!

2) Have a little girl? or do you love adorable sweet clothes, for not just your little girl but for yourself? Seriously one of the cutest shops I've EVER seen!

WHAT: an online classy, sweet, chic boutique full of Womens shirts, little girl tutus and many more cute things!
WHY: Because you will find adorable things and new items all the time, the blog has cute DIY ideas for decorating your home. And the website links you to the their blog and Etsy shop! Plus you will see beautiful pictures taken to show off all their items!

3) Do you love Headbands for your babies and little girls? These are in a LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN! Not your typical "headbands" it feels wrong calling these headbands cause they are so DANG cute!! : )

WHAT: The original Vintage Shabby Chic Hair accessory
WHY: Do I really need to explain after seeing these photos? The cutest Hair accesory out there! She also carries cute lace leggings, some belts and she does give aways on her FB page. So check her out!!!

If only I had a little girl to adorn in all these cute things from these adorable ETSY shops!

Hope you saw some new Shops you haven't seen before! Let me know if you have a shop/business or you know of one I should share with the Blogger world!!

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Natalie Putnam said...

Thank you for including me on your blog :) You are awesome Lacey!