Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Giveaway untill FALL!

Well I am giving away ONE last Pillow cover on one of my newly discovered MOST favorite blogs! It's TENJUNEBLOG
She (MICHELLE) has the cutest style,blog and she herself is adorable! You have to go check it out.
She also has a FACEBOOK page so you'll wan to go like her Facebook page too!

On a Side note Can you Believe it's almost JULY!! This spring has flown by and I'm afraid Summer will too! What is it about these warm weather months that just makes you want to decorate, clean, organize and plant flowers?

I have been doing all of thee above... well except planting flowers. I can't keep them alive. I did buy 2 Boston Ferns to hang on my porch. So we'll see how long they survive! I have however had the sewing bug and I have atleast 15 new pillow covers to add to my ETSY SHOP but haven't had time. But watch for those! Here are a few of the latest ones I have gotten around to:

I aslo just wanted to say Thank you for all your comments and feedback! I appreciate it very much and I love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to recommend other colors or patterns for me to list in my shop. A cute shopper (Kimber) of my etsy shop is the reason I now carry the Yellow Chevron which is one of my top sellers! If you see something in another shop or website just email me at Thelaceyplacey@gmail.com and I can probably find it or something similar for you! 

Thanks again!  


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Just found you on Ten June and I'm now a follower! Love your pillows, wonderful and pretty fabric!
I'll be adding you to my bloglist so others can see your blog!


Kimber said...

Aww!!! Love the new stuff! Love my little shout out :)

Debbi Beverage said...

How fun! These would be great at the beach! I love all the great colors! It's hard to choose a favorite with so many great colors and patterns.
Debbi @ the beach

Just The Details...of Jenn said...

Visiting from Ten June! Your pillows are beautiful!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

I won!! Yeah!!
I picked out the awesome pink damask pillow and cannot wait to get it!
Thanks so much LaceyPLacey and Ten June!
First Grade Blue SKies