Thursday, August 4, 2011


It has been WAY too long since I last posted but this is why!

1) Me and my Family took a little vacation to one of my MOST favorite spots. The Outer Banks in North Carolina!

I have come to realize it's not much of a relaxing vacation with 2 kids this young! But I just had to realize it's all about the kids now. Making it fun for them. And even though it's more work than it's worth...sometimes it's just worth it to see them happy and having fun! Someday ahhhh Someday I'll get a REAL relaxing vacation maybe in about 10 years! : )

(Can you tell it's a phone pic? it's so pixely. on a side note don't you love the INSTAGRAM app! )

2) Just being busy taking care of 2 CRAZY boys. My Beckham is now 6 months old and is getting his first 2 teeth. One is poking through and the other is on the way! And My Brody who is 2 just keeps getting more fun each day. I feel so lucky to have two wonderful little boys who are so pleasant to be around!

(if you look closely you can see his little tooth!)

Constantly talking away sometimes I can understand him and sometimes he speaks his own language!

I am having a blast sewing all these pillow covers. I'm really excited about the HUGE new selection I'm adding over the next few weeks. Lots of new fun colors plus lots of fall/Christmas fabrics!
I'm going to be adding Duvets soon and in September I will doing Monogramming on Pillow Covers! Just in time to get those Personalized Christmas gifts!
So Stay Tuned!

2 New ones added today pictured here. The Yellow Diamon and the Dark Yellow/Gray Chevron!


mr & mrs O. said...

such handsome little boys! you need to have 10 more kids! ;) procreate this planet with beautiful children haha. love love love your pillows btw

natalie malan said...

I can't believe how different Beckham looks already! Fantastic photos of him! You do such a great job. Where do you have bead board on the floor and the wall? Both your boys are super cute.

Lindsey said...

just came across your pillows & in in loveeee! I will have to order some soon!!