Monday, September 26, 2011

The Lacey Placey UPDATE!

It's time to update on what's been going on in

HMMMM....Where to begin?

Let's see, well first off I have released most of my FALL FABRICS!

I have a few more still to come pefect for fall!

The next latest news is

I am now as of 9/25/2011 Serging all Pillow covers. NO Fraying, all finished insides! I'm so excited to take my Pillow covers to the next level of Quality! I already felt proud of my pillow covers. But now I'm extra proud and I know you will continue to be happy and hopefully they can exceed your expectations! I take pride in having items that are sewn very well, low affordable price, and up to date on the latest trends and fabrics! So any suggestions are always welcome! I have had A LOT of requests for RED! I would have never known red was such a hot color if it weren't for all of YOU! So thank you for your feedback! I am releasing about 10 NEW red fabrics soon! They will be perfect for all year round but also so cute for Christmas mixed with a few NEW greens I'll be adding too!

ALSO NEXT MONTH... I'll be adding MONOGRAMMING! Woohoo right?!! Who doesn't love a personalized gift! Your childs name, family members last name, a holiday saying or word like " NOEL or JOY!" The possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for that!

Did I mention I'm now doing CURTAINS?!

These are perfect for putting your rod through the pocket or using clip rings! They have all finished sides and are double stitched for a proffessional clean look!

Here's the listing info:

 CLICK HERE to go the the listing on Etsy!

You've all been asking! I just couldn't hold out on you any longer!! I"m so excited to introduce THE LACEY PLACEY Curtains! I have them all over my house! Nothing changes a room like a new set of beautiful curtains!
2 Yellow Chevron Curtains (1 Pair)

-choose size below!

-Made in Home decor weight fabric for high quality!

-everything is hemmed and finished edges for proffessional quality and look!

-3 inch pocket hole, 3 inch bottom hem, 1 inch side seams

-Can be used with a curtain rod through pole poket or used with clip rings!
The price is the same for any of the 3 sizes:
50x84" 7 feet

50x96" 8 Feet

50x108" 9 Feet
Any size under 108 length and under 50 inches wide can be done for the same price also. So if you'd like curtains custom to fit your exact windows and height just leave your exact measurements and and email address I can reach you at in the BUYERS NOTE!
It includes 2 panels of curtains and your choice of EITHER

-2 18x18 Pillow covers (or smaller)


-curtain clip rings

(in black or brush nickel)

This order takes between 2-3 weeks (possibly sooner! ) to order all the fabric and get them sewn, ironed, packaged and shipped out to you!

If you have any questions or requests I would be more than happy to help! Just convo me or email me at Thelaceyplacey [!at]

54 inches wide

Pattern Information:

3 3/4" Horizontal


1" Zig Zag Stripes


100% 7 ounce Cotton
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST....I wanted to fill you in on my UPCOMING giveaways!
I will be doing 2 GIVEAWAYS in the month of OCTOBER!

October 3rd:

1 free pillow cover of your choice plus 10% OFF for all readers!

October 10th:

1 free pillow cover of your choice plus 10% OFF for all readers!



Cherise said...

Wow, Lacey! I didn't realize you were so crafty... Where have I been? Oh, ya... taking care of three little ones. Anyway, I saw a link to your blog from Cindy Bland on FB. This is so exciting! Looks like you stay pretty busy. :)

Anonymous said...

Soo I just came across your pillows on etsy and I'm so in love!! - LOVE the yellow and grey diamond it would fit so well in my bedroom! And your new fall colors are great too - love them all. Will def. have to buy some soon!

annnd I'll keep my eye out for that giveway :) I'd love to share it on my blog too

J and A said...

LOVE the chevron pillows and all the fall colors. Beautiful!