Monday, September 12, 2011

Boys and Balance?!

How do you all BALANCE your lives?
I have found that finding BALANCE it a constant struggle for me every single day. How do you fit it ALL in? I mean we as Moms are supposed to clean, cook, grocery shopping, do the laundry, take care of the kids, pay the bills, some of us work on top of all that. Then you have all the spiritual responsibilities
 (prayer, reading scriptures, & church duties.)
And then what about all the fun stuff like shopping, crafting, sewing, hobbies, hanging out with friends, watching a movie or going on a date once in a while.

I just feel like I can never balance it all. I always feel like I'm falling short in one area or another. I hate feeling guilty because I'm not doing one of these things often enough or well enough. How do you know when you're doing too much. What's normal and what's not? It is physically impossible to do all of these things well EVERY SINGLE DAY!
I just wish I could figure it all out!
That being said my most favorite things to do is TAKE PICTURES! I wish I could fit THAT in every day. I am so envious but happy for full time photographers. What an absolute joy to be able to take pictures ALL day every day. In different locations of different, beautiful, or interesting people! Play with lenses, lighting, and settings! It's one ot those things I just love so much that I would be scared to do it as a JOB because I would be afraid that my LOVE for it would fall away because it was now my Job instead of my fun hobby. I see photographers producing images I could only dream of producing because I don't have all the skills and know how yet to create pictures like they do. But I am so inspired by them! 

My most FAVORITE Photographer is Ashlee Raubach! I do not know her personally. I came across her blog when she posted about take her first photography class. I watched week after week as she posted her photos. And I was immediately in love with all of her work! And every time I have have a few minutes to check out her blog or website I am just sucked into her photos. I love her because I love her style and I love her becasue she's a mom of a hanful of kids, I love her becasue I watched her from the beginning and have loved seeing her improve when she already seemed so incredibly talented and who knew she could improve anymore! But she always does! When I first started following her she was in Utah. And I had my heart set on getting a session with her when I went out for my yearly visit. But she was already booked up when I contactd her! So i just figured I'd get one next time I was in town. But then she MOVED to SAN DIEGO! So I'll probably never get the chance to see our family or my boys through her lens. But atleast there is still internet and I can see all her beautiful pictures! How could I tell you that LONG drawn out story with out sharing some of my favorite pictures from her BLOG! GO check her out! Follow her blog, book with her if you are close by her! I know I wish I could.

So here are some of ASHLEE RAUBACH's photos. It was really hard for me to narrow it down.

This first one was one of her early photos. It was one of my most favorite photo shoots from her earlier stuff!
And isn't this the cutest thing! Every preschool class should get a cute photo shoot like this!

                                               Isn't this location and the colors so dreamy?!

And I love this photograph! This whole shoot was so cute! Her and her Groom make such a beautiful couple!

                            And seriously!!! Who get's a photoshoot in a CANOE! How fun!
                                                      I love this beach family photo!

And the lighting and Gold Grass setting is so so beautiful!
Now you all Know why I love her so much righ?
 She is one of the MANY photographers that inspire me to squeeze in taking a few photos here and there. I can honestly say I feel so happy, and so complete when I'm CREATING something. A photograph, a new pillow, a new idea...anything. I was BORN TO CREATE! But my most favorite thing to create is Photography! Here are a few I've snapped lately.... 

So glad I get time to CREATE, just wish I had more of it!
Thanks for checking out my Amateur photographs! : )



Oldham Round-up said...

she is amazing and so are you! I would totally love to hire you to take pictures of my little fellas if you did not live across the country :) you are so talented!

Ashlee Raubach said...

Lacey thank you so much for your kind words!!! Hopefully we can meet up one of these days, keep me posted on your annual Utah trips and we will see if it ever works out! I love your blog :)