Saturday, January 25, 2014

Episode 2 How to paint Perfect stripes

A Few tips to Remember 
  • Paint your wall the lighter of the 2 colors first. Let it dry completely. We let ours dry over night. 
  • Next measure and decide how big you want your stripes to be.
  • Tape your Stripes.Make sure the tape is firmly pressed against teh wall! no gaps for paint to leak in!  (We also used a laser level to make sure they were straight)

  • Paint with the SAME LIGHTER color slightly over the tape on the side you willl paint the darker color. 
This will create a barrier for the DARK PAINT to sit on top of. This way you won't have uneven sloppy lines. 
  • Let the paint dry completely.
  • Now you can paint your darker color over that. 
  • Before the darker paint has time to get too dry, gently rip off the tape. 
You will be so AMAZED at how beautifully perfect your lines are! The hardest part for us were the corners. So you just want to make sure your tape is firmly pressed down so the paint doesn't leak. 


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