Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to start your own ETSY Shop! PART ONE

I am so excited to share all the knowledge I have gained on starting, running, and growing an Etsy Shop. I absolutely love helping others learn how to do this. I have read oodles and oodles of articles and gained so much from doing so. I'm happy to take me turn sharing ideas! I have a big passion for Moms running Etsy businesses and blogs from home. If you are mom with little kiddos running around trying to think up a way to raise some extra money and let out your creative side, then do this! You can totally do it! There are so many ideas, and items that haven't been created yet! There is plenty of room for all of us. If you are reading this with a desire to do it... Don't wait any longer! Jump in and do it! But be careful it might just take off and you'll be running a full fledged awesome online business! : )

Step ONE: Decide on a good Etsy Shop Name.

 I have read in many articles from Etsy that you should pick a name that actually mentions what product you sell in the name of your shop. It makes it easy to search and easy to remember. 
You want to pick a shop name that is memorable, different and will stand out. 
(If I would have known about step ONE before I started my shop I would have done a shop name with the word Pillow in it some how. Luckily I think Lacey Placey is silly and rhymey enough to be memorable. 

P.S.-I think this is the most important step. Your Shop name will be with you forever! Pick a good one! : ) 

Step TWO: Go to and register, sign in AND CREATE A SHOP

You will be walked through all the steps of how to set up an Etsy account and create a shop to start selling. 
It's completely FREE to set up a shop. You will not be charged until you list an item and if an item sells. 
This Step seems self explanatory but for some I know fear holds you back! Don't be afraid you can do it! 

Step THREE: Create an Etsy Banner. (760x100 pixels)

Etsy Reccomends having a picture of your product in your banner. I didn't do that. But I think it's a great Idea! I just have my Etsy Shop name in big bold letters.

 I picked colors from my Pillows that I thought would make it look cohesive. 
You will want to go into a photo editing program and select your size to be 760 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. And you can decorate it or add text. There are plenty of web designers who love to create these type of things for you. You can find someone to do it for around 25-50 dollars. But I think a simple text in a clean font that you create yourself is a great place to start. You will click on the YOUR SHOP tab.

 And then click on INFO/APPEARANCE and you'll see a button to click on to upload a banner photo. 

You still with me? Pretty Easy right?! 

Next Post I'll add what to do next to start listing and adding items! 

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