Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rachel from The Biggest Loser

I can't hold back any longer! I have to write a post about this.
 What did you all think when you saw Rachel walk out on stage? 
I was SHOCKED! I knew she would be fit, I figured she would win. She was winning every challenge and I could that quitting was not an option. I was not expecting her to be this thin though. Don't they say the camera adds five pounds too?? She must have looked even thinner in person. These pictures don't do it justice. When you watched it live she just looked super super thin. I immediately gasped and covered my mouth. Bob and Jillian's faces were absolutely shocked and worried. 

I felt bad after all of these thoughts fled through my mind. I kept thinking how she worked so hard and how she would probably get critisized for being too thin or looking unhealthy. If she really only used healthy methods to get to this point then good for her. Her transformation really in incredible! I was so nervous when she stepped on the scale that it would say 90 pounds and everyone would gasp. 

Rachel's Starting Weight: 260
Rachel's Finale Weight: 105
She lost 155 pounds
 and 59.62% body fat

She really was an inspiration all through out the show though. She would prepare ahead of time her food when they flew out of town. She would work so hard and nothing got in her way. She seemed to win almost every challenge. Proof that when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything!


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