Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Next Stop NORTH CAROLINA with Girls Best Delegate

I am loving and I mean LOVING this Virtual Road Trip! I'm learning so much about these incredible women and Moms who have started businesses that have taken off. They all inspire me so much. Our next female entrepreneur is definitely inspiring. Her story reminded me that there are all different kinds of great businesses out there. Being a business owner myself I can really see the benefit of having someone like her be apart of your business!

Our next stop is in North Carolina where we meet the owner of Girl's Best Delegate.
Her name is Ta'Cora Polite. I love everything about her company. Read on to hear all about her and how she got started!

Tell us a about Girls Best Delegate? 
Girl's Best Delegate (GBD) helps female entrepreneurs work ON their brand, not in it. I provide them with alleviation, efficiency, and quality execution as their virtual assistant. My niche clients are women who have brands in the fashion and beauty industries including bloggers, editors, fashion retailers, makeup artists (MUA), etc. My service areas include email management, social media, administrative and clerical tasks, and blog support.

What inspired you to start GBD? 
I've always been the "Go To Girl" for my past supervisors, small business owners, or even my close friends when they really just want to be sure that something will get done! They trust me because I give 100% to anything that has my name attached to it. I can't help it. It's always come naturally to me and because it's not forced and it's helpful to others, I enjoy it. I define my success by my sense of accomplishment and every time I help someone complete something, especially if they've never followed through with anything before, I feel accomplished. Therefore, I'm successful so this is what I was made for.

What is your dream, where do you see yourself, and what motivates you to do this every day?
My dream is for GBD to be the first business that crosses the mind of every female entrepreneur who has a fashion or beauty brand once she finally makes the wise decision to delegate or outsource her low income tasks. My dream is to also, of course, be financially free by my own definition and to always be location independent. I love traveling and I have plenty more of the world to see so having a career that doesn't depend on where I'm located is very important to me.

What was your biggest challenge throughout the process of starting and growing your business?
Honestly, my biggest challenge was actually doing something versus continuing to plan. I know that sounds weird because my job is to DO but out of fear and my desire to make sure everything is "perfect", which it'll never be, I spent quite a bit of time planning and less than half of that time doing. This is a mistake. My mentor says that success requires action. It won't just come to you and I understand that now.

If you could go back to your former self in the first year(s) when you were starting what would you tell yourself or what advice would you give yourself?
I would simply say "Ta'Cora, you got this! This is what you do. You've planned and planned. Now it's time to take action and at least give the world a chance to accept or reject you."

Whats the biggest piece of advice you could give someone who is thinking about starting a business or blog?
My biggest piece of advice would be for them to hone in on a specific target audience, customer, or client. You can't please everyone and people like to feel a certain level of exclusivity when they do business. You want your target audience to feel confident and at home when they encounter your business, like it was created just for them because it was. It's so much easier to market yourself, plan events, and network once you know the person you're seeking to work with.

Where can we Find and follow you at?
Instagram: www.instagram.com/GirlsBestDelegate

What an amazing girl right?! 
A few things that stood out to me: 

1) I really liked how she mentioned that DOING something versus planning was a challenge for her at first. I think so many female entrepreneurs do this. We want everything to be perfect so we wait or don't ever start. "Success requires action." 

2) I loved her pep talk to her former self! "Give the world a chance to accept or reject you" 

3) Her advice to hone in on a special target audience, customer, or client was spot on. I need to remember this too. 

Thank you so much Ta'Cora! It was a pleasure to learn about you and your business. You are so driven, professional, classy, beautiful and it's a privilege to post about you! 

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