Sunday, October 5, 2008

178th General Conference

Thomas S. Monson

I feel so old writing about Conference, that's such an awful thing to say but I do! Conference was so good! I felt the spirit so strongly. And my testimony was definitely strengthened! It takes on a whole new meaning when you are married and on your own, really making an effort to listen and really take it all in. It feels sooo different watching it here in Georgia because you can only get it online or in church buildings. I took for granted being able to just turn on the tv and have it be there with the click of a remote. We listened to it on our laptop but it was so good to hear all the counsel. I felt so comforted hearing familar voices and hearing them say in salt lake city, Utah. It was a piece of home away from home!
I loved the talk on Unity and being united as a church and just as christians of all religions, races, and cultures.
I loved the talk on Christian Courage and how we don't need to defend ourselves or bash with those who challenge or critisize our religion. But just to love them and how meekness is not weakness, it is strength. I know it is hard to ignore critisism especially around conference because there are so many people outside the temple grounds with mean signs shouting mean things to all the LDS people. But hopefully this talk helped everyone look past it.
I found myself thinking about watching conference when I was younger and living at home. At times it seemed like such a chore but by doing it then it now seems like such a blessing. I remember loving getting a pillow and a big comfy blanket on the floor as I would listen to conference and munching on goodies as I watched. My grandma would also make a good, yummy breakfast before the first session. All those little extras made conference extra special. And I came to look forward to it. I am looking forward to finding little extras to help my kids listen and help them to enjoy and understand the importance of listening to Conference and hearing our Prophet and leaders speak.
I have to admit though...I missed having President Hinckley there. Although I think President Monson is doing a great job, and will continue to do a fantastic job. He is such a good speaker.
All together Conference in the Quale home was a success!

There is something so cool about seeing all the masses of LDS members around the temple grounds at Conference time! I love the Salt Lake Temple it's so so beautiful : )


The Wright Family said...

thanks! we are so stoked too! I am such a proud parent...haha. I sent a generic text to everyone to check it out cause we were so excited. He is growing up to fast. He knows alot of stuff now. He will do a mean face if you ask him and give you a kiss and he will dance. his brain is such a sponge right now, its crazy! They grow up way too fast!

Joe and Bianca Martin said...

It's so good to hear what you thought about conference..cause I think by living in Utah I take conference for granted- I mean with it being right down the street and being able to watch it on my tv. So thanks!

Jeff and Jenn said...

Yea! Yea! You just made my day with your comment about the blog gems :) Some people told me it was a silly idea and I felt like all that time was wasted!! :) Not like I thought it was super productive before... :) But thanks. I love reading your blog, too! I want to see another picture of you on month 2!!!

The Wright Family said...

hahaha! You crack me up! Josh Turner....SO HOT! I felt bad cause I think I have a little crush on him. But I keep telling myself its ok to have a crush on him cause he is married and I am married, plus he is a big star. It will never happen! ha ha. But Dave does try to talk deep now, its so funny! We really had so much fun. We are going to Charlston, SC this weekend for David's cousin's wedding. Its a formal wedding so Dave had to rent a tux and I bought a formal dress. i am really excited to deck out and where my big (fake) diamond necklace (the one I wore in my wedding)and act like I mean something to this world! ha ha. I will put pictures up for that. We found a cute little suit for Tyler to wear too! I am so excited!
Are you feeling any better? Or is it still the same ol same ol? If you get bored we can always meet up to maybe try to take your mind off of things. Just let me know