Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flag Football....Team Swagger!


Looking good Boys ! They've had 3 games now and still UNDEFEATED!!!

There's Billy #23! He's always been #23 through all his sports growing up!

Here is James in action throwing the football!

Apparently these games are pretty intense! I wasn't there but James ripped his shorts bad! Here's a pic of it!

Stay tuned for more on Team Swagger I think they are gonna go all the way to the Play offs! They are unstoppable!!!!


Brian and Kaitlin said...

The logos on their shirts look like the University of Hawaii logo!! Awww that was so sweet of you guys to do that for me, in my memory, haha! Just kidding!! I can't wait for that belly photo!!

The Wright Family said...

that sounds good. We dont know when we are doing Tylers b-day yet. My folks are going on a cruise that week of his birthday so we are looking at scheduling it on the 15th? My folks are leaving the 7th to drive down to the cruise area and they get back the 14 ( I think) I will let you know more but the 22nd sounds good for Kates shower. I am marking it now. I am excited that everyone is coming into town. I am trying to get chris and kristen to come into town too. We will see how it goes! See if I can work my magic

Ryan and Brindi said...

Yeah!!! I have been waiting for your blog with these pictures! I have warned James that his ripped shorts were going to end up on a blog so he has been all nervous now because he didn't know whose camera it was! :) I really hope you start feeling better soon so you can make it to some of the games! They are fun!