Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sleeping Beauty!!!

My cute Billy bought me Sleeping Beauty for my Birthday! I was so so so happy to get it. It's time to start collecting all the classic Disney movies! And believe it or not it's the first one of our Disney collection! I hadn't seen this movie since I was like 7! It was short compared to how long they make them now! But it was just as magical as I remembered it!!! Go buy it everyone! It's only out for a limited time!!!


The Finches said...

The economy is totally scary right now! Im with you though, I would MUCH rather stay home with a baby then have to worry about working just to pay for a house. I havent been up to much.. just working and trying to decrate my house. Staying busy so I dont get too baby hungry LOL. Im so excited for you! I know, I LOVE fall here. I need to start doing all the pumpkin patches and haunted houses soon!!

Josh and Rach said...

Oh Lacey I absolutely love the belly so far!! You are going to be so cute your whole pregnancy, I can just tell. So where and how did you get all of those adorable decos in your house?? It looks so dang cute, I love it! Where are you moving to now?

J and B Martin said...

What a cute birthday present! And your baby belly looks so cute..I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has gone so far (although it probably hasn't gone too fast for you)!