Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goodbye Beautiful House!

Goodbye, Goodbye!!!
We have officially rented out our house! I will miss this house very much! It has been a peaceful and comfortable stay! We had our house on the market and somebody offered to rent out the home and we felt good about it! Who knows when or if homes will sell in this market and we love this home! So we love having it as a rental. We loved the couple that is going to rent it! I cannot think of a better couple to rent to!
So Goodbye for now!!!

I wanted to post these pics cause I had fun putting up some fall decorations! You can kind of see them in the pictures. My cute aunt Wendy gave me a whole bunch of the CUTEST fall decorations last year! There were pumpkin candlesticks, fall leaves, fake pumpkins, a cute door hanging! I love them all! : )
Thanks Wendy!!!


Brian and Kaitlin said...

No way, you rented your house out!!!! That was fast, its only been on the market for a little while!! Congrats!!

The Finches said...

Your little belly is so dang cute!! Are you guys moving, or why are you renting out your house?

The McDonald's said...

Why are you leaving your cute house!?

kOrTnI said...

Why are you renting your house? Where are you going?

You're super cute prego! :)

Mackay Family said...

Why are you renting out your adorable house?