Monday, January 18, 2010


You hear about the late nights and 3 am feedings, you hear about the colicky babies, you hear about the monotony of being a stay at home Mom, you hear about how you no longer are number one in your own life.....

But how come you never hear about:

  • The moments when you hold your sleeping baby and you feel so much love just staring at their perfect little face.

  • How amazing it is to see them do or learn something for the first time

  • or how they look at you with the biggest smile they could ever give and you just know they love you so much!

  • or how every day is the same but at the same time so different and exciting

  • or how you feel like some kind of hero when you get them out of the crib in the morning and they are so grateful to see your face.

  • or how there is so much satisfaction out of seeing them drink a bottle and know they are being fed and well taken care of.

  • and how they get hurt and they have a huge sad cry and you get to make it all better and it feels so amazing

I love being a Mom and I'm so grateful to have Brody in my life. I know time goes by so fast, that is one thing everybody DOES say... so I know someday I won't have a baby anymore he'll be all grown up but I'll always be a Mom and that is the best feeling knowing I am a Mom FOREVER!


Ashley said...

I love that little baby pic of Brody... It's hard to believe he was that little looking at him now:) Just wanted to let you know that I am so glad that you guys are around! I'm super excited to get started on our craftiness... talk at ya later:)

Mackay Family said...

There are way more perks to having a baby. They seriously grow up so fast. I am with you on there is nothing better in life. (Tanner has been waking up at 7 this past week and I have to keep reminding myself of all the positive things!:)

Brian and Kaitlin said...

I know this is so true!! I have LOVED watching Gantt grow up and learn new things, it's so amazing to see his little mind working and discovering new things!! And don't worry, I'm in the process of updating the blog. It's taking a long time though, because I have to sort through all my pictures and then edit them, but I'm working on it, haha!!

Anonymous said...
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