Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Part 1

Happy Valentines Day!
We had such a fun weekend! I love Valentines Day! It only gets better the longer we are married! It was supposed to start off with a big dance for the whole stake... me and Billy were prepared to bring out our AWESOME dance moves. Unfortunately the crazy snow storm got the dance cancelled. So we had fun at home playing games all night! The next day we made yummy cinnamon rolls and played in the snow with the Brodster! Next it was off to a Drive-In movie...what a fun idea! It had been way too long.
We saw the movie Valentines day! It was pretty good... I thought it would be better considering all the stars in it! But there was a lot going on and all the funny parts were on the previews!
We kinda thought we would all tailgate and hang out on the back of the cars. But because of how cold it was everyone stayed in their cars. So lucky for us Sharon and James were nice enough to let us SQUEEZE in with them in the back of their car! They had definitely thought it all through, they had a whole bed set up in back! It was pretty cool : )

I have been having so much fun making all the Valentines treats... chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, and cupcakes...Yumm I love all the V-Day goodies!

After our date I came home to find this adorable balloon(because I'm his princess lol) WE ARE CHEESY I KNOW! and a sweet long stem yellow rose. (notice the blue plastic cup he put it in ha ha ) such a guy thing to do ! : )

And the next day I got these purple gerber daisies! What a sweetie I have : ) He is so extra thoughtful around holiday time and I love it! He also got me a little bootaneer to wear on Valentines Day. It was so cute I couldn't help but laugh! It was 2 little blue booties (he was thinking it would be sweet cause of how much we love our baby boy) it totally caught me off guard cause I wasn't expecting it and I LOVED it!! : )
Thanks for being so sweet!
You are the best Valentine I could ever ask for!
He had a whole Valentine Date planned and since we hung out with Friends this weekend... we are going to celebrate it next weekend! So I'm excited to see what he had in store! : ) SO part 2 will be coming soon!


Krista said...

ummm hello i wanna see pictures!

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

you guys are so cute together... i love that you are cheesy i am way cheesy haha... ya that movie was way dumb i thought kinda bummed out..

JON and EM said...

Movie was lame! I agree! But it was so fun hanging out with you guys!

Naomi Quale said...

Wow Lacey - Billy is wonderful and he does not get it from me....he totally adores you, and I do too!