Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SNOW in Georgia!

We got lots of SNOW in Georgia.
I have to admit I was actually feeling sorry for myself this year. No snow over Christmas. I started to wonder if I was depriving my Brody by living in a place with no snow. I have so many fun memories of snowmobiles, sledding, snowman, snow angels, the best snowball fights and igloos. It just seems like you totally miss out living without all of that! But luckily for us... we got some! And now that it came I'm glad it's already gone! : ) I am now glad I live away from snow! But we sure had fun!

Here are a few pictures:

Our cranky looking snowman. We named him Fred : )

I thought it looked so sweet to see snow on our house.

My little baby Brody

Is it just me or does that snowman look a little SCARY!
(just for the record Billy made the face ha ha)

Billy is so funny... he said to me after he say these pics. " wow Brody looks so buff in all these pictures" I couldn't help but laugh. I think it's the puffy coat! : )

He loved touching and looking at the snowman. It was cute... I couldn't believe he could tell it was a real face and something to smile about!

This is his " take me inside " face

Can you see his tiny little tear...


Mackay Family said...

Can't believe it snowed that much there. Crazy! It makes me laugh that when it snows the whole city shuts down. It has been such a weird winter here...

The Cersey Family said...

Ok, Brody is so freakin' cute! I want a red headed baby so bad!

Naomi Quale said...

ok billy - come on 10 month old babies can't look buff - it defys the law of nature!!! But I can appreciate the proud father in you! :)