Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day Part 2!

Valentine's Day Part two!

(just to clarify that is the Melting Pot logo)

Every year we take turns planning Valentine's day and this year was Billy's year.

He is so good at planning cute things for me. I really feel so lucky!

Billy is the most thoughtful husband. I love that he knows ME so well. He tries to plan things that I will love.
Well Melting Pot is my most favorite restaurant!
It's so delicous...

Melting Pot is great because it takes forever to cook all your food so you get to chat it up for hours while you eat all your food.
Then when it couldn't get any get the fruit and desserts to dip into the chocolate fondue.
Well it's pretty pricy (although totally worth it) and it's not a baby friendly restaurant. So because of those 2 things it was so perfect how Billy planned our Melting Pot experience.
And to be honest it was WAYYY better than going there!

Of course it was a surprise (with Billy everything is a surprise!) and I had no clue what we were going to be doing.
So I came downstairs and this is what I saw.....
Is this not the cutest card ever! He knows just what things I would think are so cute!
The marinated teriyaki sirloin

For anyone who has been to Melting pot they know EXACTLY what this sauce is!


oh man it is so TASTY!

(Took more pictures but accidentally erased them... oh well it's one V-day I will not forget!)
Billy looked up all the recipes online by researching a bunch of wesbites and blogs of people who have tried making it. He totally nailed it! Everything tasted exactly the same! We didn't do the chocolate part... we are going to try that next!
GEEZ Billy you are GOOD!
Thanks for one of the best Valentine's Days ever! I love you so much!
( oh and thanks Kaitlin and Brian because you gave us that Fondue set for Christmas one year!ha ha next time you are in town we will show you that it tastes exactly the same!!!)
We are way into Valentine's Day and I love looking forward to it every year.
Valentine's Days in the past:
Year 1-Roses, sleigh ride in the snowy mountains of Park City with horses pulling us. Dinner at a 7 course restaurant somewhere up in a lodgy beautiful restaurant in the mountains(so fun! especially because we both were totally out of our element!)
Year 2-Roses,Couples Massages and Dinner in Orem Utah
Year 3-Flowers,Couples Massages and Dinner in Atlanta
Year 4-Roses, Cirque Du Soleil in Atlanta and Dinner at Chillis
Year 5-Daisies, Quale Melting Pot at home with our Brody!


Rory and Courtney Duckworth said...

Yumm! Sounds so good!

Brian and Kaitlin said...

WOW!!! Billy did an AWESOME job, yay for him, and you too Lacey!!That looked so good, Melting Pot= YUMMMMM!!!! We will for sure have to try that next time we come out to visit...Gorgonzola is the BEST!! But that cheese is 2nd best!!

Naomi Quale said...

Billy - did you cook all this stuff?? I'm so impressed!!