Sunday, March 14, 2010

Relief Society

Relief Society Birthday Activity! I have to blog about this activity because it turned out awesome! I love getting fun ideas from other wards so I figured someone might want to use this idea too! IT was for the Annual Birthday activity but it could really be used for any activity. Well the theme is PURSES. And it's tied in because ...
As women in Relief Society we all carry many different purses through life. We start out with a cute little trendy handbag purse when we are single or newly married. Then as we have children we carry a diaper bag purse, then onto a mom purse full of everything we need for our kids. And then later a grandma purse. But no matter what purse we carry right now we are all sisters in Relief Society. And we can all learn from each other. We all have different experiences and testimonies to bring. Hopefully in Relief Society we can all become good friends or learn something from someone who might carry a different "purse" right now in their life.
So with that we made Purse invitations... we took cute scrapbook papers and folded them in half and used ribbon as the handle and put a cute button, gem, or ribbon as a purse clasp....
(You can kind of see on the poster above)
We had them weigh their purses as they came in the door to the activity... and we gave out prizes for the heaviest purse (which was a whopping 6 POUNDS!) and to the lightest purse.
We at Taco Salad for Dinner ( Cheap and Yummy!)
Then we played a game where we called out random,embarrassing, or just funny items and the first table to bring the item up to the front got a point. table with the most points at the end all won candybars!
Some fun items are:
Airline ticket
Pass along cards
old sacrament program
for more items click here (taken from
We had a wonderful lady in our ward speak on what Relief Society meant to her and how she's learned so much from so many women in Relief Society. And we had another fabulous lady read an adorable Story Click HERE for it... Which was so funny, tied it all in and was a great way to end the night! It was such a fun night. All the women got really into the game of racing up to the front. It's a fun way to get to know the sisters in your Relief Society!
Then we finished with Yummy Birthday cake!
It was a total success and I recommend for any ward looking for a fun night!
On another Note! Here is my Brody Boy with his Mashed potatoe Mustache : )

Check out our new chandelier! I think it's so pretty!

My cute boy is getting 2 more teeth on bottom and 2 more on top... Here you can see it coming in! He's going to have all his teeth by 1! ha ha


Josh and Rach said...

I love it! That is such a cute idea. One of my good friends is in the presidency, I am for sure sending her this idea, sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Tyler and Rachael said...

It sounds like it was a really really fun evening. What a fun theme! And, Brody is still just as cute as ever.

Kara McDonald said...

Lacey you are such a cute mom! I am totally ready to have a baby.. Brody is such a doll! Love the chandileer and one question how are you so tan!?

Denny and Cyndi Collins Family said...

I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like the activity was a blast! Brody is so cute! :)