Monday, October 25, 2010

Marvelously Made Mondays!

 It's Halloween Week!!
It's Monday again! I love doing Marvelously Made Mondays on my blog. It gives me a chance to share ideas I find around Blogland, and I get to have easy access to all my favorite ideas out there that I may just want to try out too!

First is this cute Vintage Square Wreath... I think what I like most is that it's square! You never see square wreaths. I think it looks so cute on a front door! Plus with with this wreath it would be so easy to change out that middle piece and make it totally different for any holiday. Not to mention this is one of the cheapest wreaths I've seen to make. They can get kind of pricey buying all the stuff to adorn the wreaths with. So this one is super cheap!

 To see her full tutorial of how she made it... click below to go to her blog!

Next up I had to post about this shelve. I am re-doing my Boy's room and I need some major shelves for the room to display all the stuff. Shelves are super expensive atleast the kind and size I want! So I have been thinking it would be so much cheaper to make my own. So I was pleasantly surprised to see these cute shelves with directions!! I will probably make mine bigger and chunkier... But these are perfect for this room and displaying dolls!

To see her instructions on how to make your own shelves... click below to go to ther blog!

And last but not least.... I thought this wreth was so ADORABLE! I am in love with making fabric rosettes!(for those of you who don't know what those are... they are little scraps of fabric rolled into roses...aka rosettes) So I loved seeing another wonderful use for those Rosettes! SO cute for Halloween too! But you could make this with any fabrics, or colors for any occasion!  P.S.- those grapevine wreaths you see pictured here are SOOOOOOOOO cheap! They are a great base for making wreaths. I've used them many times. I just bought a REALLY huge one for 5.99 at Hobby Lobby plus it was 50% off! And then I added all my own stuff.. Pictures coming soon!

To see her full instructions on how to make this adorable wreath click below to go to her blog!

FYI- go to Joanns and Michaels and buy all your Halloween stuff over the next couple weeks. Everything is atleast 60% off! Next year you'll be all stocked up for Halloween! : )


Jenni said...

So excited that you liked my wreath! I think it is safe to say that those rosettes are a hit everywhere, including a wreath! I can't wait to make my next one! I already have friends requesting that we get together for a party to make them for the Christmas season!

Can't wait to see yours!

Samantha said...

So excited that you liked my shelves! I think that chunkier and bigger would be great for your boys room!