Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 3 of the 3 day potty training method

Day 3

Today started wonderfully when I found Brody in his bed at nine thirty a.m. Completely dry!!! I was so impressed he went the whole night! From 8:00 p.m. till 9:30 a.m. It's so shocking because every single morning his diaper would be so full!! But this method has you stop liquids 2-3 hours before bed which I did. So stopping liquids mixed with him wanting to keep his underwear dry is what's working for him! I'm glad I didn't chicken out and put pull ups on him at night. I was so tempted! I think we underestimate our toddlers and how much they truly are capable of! But the real test will be tomorrow morning!

Okay so back to day 3... He woke up dry! And then I rushed him to the potty and he didn't go pee. I was then realizing that he is learning to control his bladder and is holding it in. I knew the poor kid had to go!!! Since he had gone since like 8:00 the night before! So I starting filling him full of liquids! A big cup of milk, a Capri sun and still nothing! Not only that he wouldn't get off the couch! I don't know if it's cause he associates his accidents with being on the hardwoods and he didn't want to have an accident or if maybe he was just cold and being on those hardwoods is chilly!!

Either way it was making me so nervous because I knew eventually it was all going to come out!! Finally at like eleven he starting having an accident and I ran him to the bathroom! He finished in the potty and I rewarded him! He had about four more accidents (just little dots or dribbles) nothing major. He ate lunch, napped and woke up dry!! I was feeling pretty good but a little disappointed because I was expecting him to be perfect today!

After nap he kept holding it in and would just put it off till I would rush him in when I saw a drop on his underwear. I was expecting him to tell me every single time like yesterday! But now he was doing everything in his power not to tell me and avoid the whole situation altogether! I was feeling super discouraged!!! But then I had to tell myself this is all part of the process. And him learning how to hold it in is a big step and important! He gets the idea and for being 19 months old , never ever tried potty training in his whole life to be now understanding the whole process... To tell me, be successful more than 75% of the time,and be dry at naps and night and completely out of diapers... it can only get better from here!!!
Also he pooped twice which is always good news! Ha ha
Once in the underwear and once in the potty!

So does this method work?! I would say if your kids are the recommended age of 22 months or older then you'll have no problem using this and being successful. As long as you follow the method to a "T" and use all her wordage and everything! At the very least I am positive they would atleast understand how to tell you, learn to keep their underwear dry and be successful most of the time! If your kids are younger than 22 months it might just take a few more days or weeks to fully grasp it!

I feel great about the progress he has made and am looking toward to seeing how far he has come by Sunday! I plan to stick to this method completely till Sunday. And then I will relax a little and see how it goes! After all this hard work though there is no way I could go back to diapers and start over again!! Especially now that I know he is capable it's just a matter of being consistent.
Something funny and interesting about today was that  when I'd rush him to the potty after an accident he would be sitting on the potty and would pull his underwear off his ankles and chuck it at me! I would try to put the new underwear on and he would yank it off and chuck it at me with this little disgruntled look on his face! It was so cute! But I could tell it was his way of saying"mom I am so done with this!!" and I couldn't help but feel for him. What a scary and big process these little toddlers have to go through! They can't do it without our help and it's all so new to them!

So I'll probably blog one last time about this on Sunday. Maybe by then he'll be a potty expert!! : )

I am very proud of my little baby Brody! He is growing up so fast! And I'm sad to see see him grow up so quickly!! But this is all a natural part of life... Learning to pee in the potty! : )

Day 3 over!!!

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Southworths said...

I am so happy for you. I have been thinking of training tristen and now that I see what you have done I know it is possible I will just wait a few more months till he is at least 20 months, thanks so much for sharing and giving me hope.