Monday, February 28, 2011

DIY Decorating and Valentine's Day!

DIY/Decorating Stuff
Well even in all of the craziness going on in our house lately (2 Kiddos, hospital visits,visitors from Utah,&master bathroom remodel) I have still managed to make time for all the things I love!
I have been obsessed with Vintage shops, antique shops, flea markets and goodwill. They are great places to go when I have 20 minutes that I can spare to go out by myself and breathe and shop around! It's been so fun. So I have been putting some of the items I find on my Etsy shop because I can't keep everything I buy! I'm running out of room and I know not everybody has all these cute Vintage Southern shops in their areas. So here are some of my finds. I have fixed up some things, ya know painted them added a lamp shade, polished... whatever it takes.

The lamp is from Goodwill. It was 3.80 and I bought 2 of them, sprayed them blue and bought new white drum shades at Walmart.
 This striped vase is actually from Target. I had to have it! I bought 2 of them.

These Items below I added to my etsy shop...of course if they don't sell I will not be dissapointed I would love all of them in my home! :)

 This mirror SOLD
 Love this ring! I'm obsessed with these huge cocktail rings I have a billion of them. This is an antique one though.
 Isn't this key so cool?! It's 17.5 inches long so it's pretty big. I immediately fell in love!
 I had to post this for Aunt Kaitlin!

Valentine's Day
It was so different this year, there was no way a date was going to happen! : ) So Billy brought home a card for me with an Itunes Card ( now I can buy some Justin Beiber tunes ) and some candy. And then he brought Brody of Valentine's Baloon cause Brods is obsessed with balloons.

He also planned the best Valentine's dinner we've had. He went and got chili's dinner and dessert and brought it home. We all ate together ( me, Billy, Brody and Beckham) for some reason it was just so fun to have a sweet little dinner with our new family of 4! I loved it.
 Billy and Brody after church Valentine's weekend!

 He's so goofy I love it!

 Brody made this for me in Nursery. Oh my gosh it totally melted my heart! I have always heard moms say they love those hand made cards or hand made anyythng fromt thier kids. And it never made sense to me untill now! I loved it! It's still hanging on my fridge : )
Okay I just had to post this... I felt so envious looking at this picture.
Dont you wish you could sleep this good!!!

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