Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Be Yourself- 5 Reasons you should be!

I have had this thought on my mind lately. BE YOURSELF. Here's the thing I'm outgoing when I meet new people. I can say hi to anyone but when I get one on one with someone new after the initial... HI HOW ARE YOU! SO NICE TO MEET YOU!!! I can't just be myself. I'm a very held back, more reserved version of myself. I am literally bursting with ideas, personality, thoughts and opinions at all times! I have learned that I have to control that too! ha ha. But I think it's so important to be yourself!

 I want to commit to be myself and stop worrying about what others want to hear, or how I need/should be in a certain situation. It's just too darn stressful to worry about it anymore! I'm letting go. : ) 

  • So what if I use 5 million exclamations in every paragraph and it probably drives everybody crazy and is totally unprofessional! 
  • Who cares if I gasp and make big freaky eyes at every exciting story I hear. (It's so true!!) 
  • So what I'm I'm a spazzy dancer and want to break out in dance when I hear some funky tunes!
  • Do I really need to be self conscious that my cupboards are literally bursting with unorganization!
  • I find myself trying to fix my language so I sound more adult like and leave out all the TOTALLY's, LIKE's, and everything else I use. WHO CARES!!! 
  • I'm always wanting to throw awesome parties, which I do occasionally. But I would do it so much more if I didn't feel the pressure to have perfect decor, invites, food, and place settings! (I kinda love doing all that stuff) But If I don't have time, why not still PARTY it up with friends!? I blame Pinterest! We have a love hate relationship ; )

I am committing to make a conscious effort TODAY and from now on to just be myself! If somebody doesn't like me it's okay I have lots of friends and loved ones who do! I will at least know when I look in the mirror I am being me and I like me when I'm being me... 

As I've been pondering this...Here's a few reasons I came up with as to why you (and me) should be ourselves! 

5 Reasons To Be Yourself

1) Everybody else is taken, so be yourself! 

I have truly grown to appreciate all the different kinds of people I have met and become friends with over the past couple of years. It takes all kinds to make up this interesting world of people we live in. And I absolutely love it! In fact my 3 year old is one of the biggest weirdos I know and I love him so much for it!! Life is way more exciting and interesting with him around!

2) You will feel better and free! 

You can't please everyone. Why does it matter what everyone else thinks anyway. Life is too precious to sit around worrying what everybody else thinks. It's so freeing to just be yourself and let go. 

3) Everyone is missing out on the REAL you!! 

How many friends or family members have you known that were shy or quiet. And you thought to yourself wow if others knew how awesome, fun, goofy, smart, or funny this person was they would be so shocked! They are totally missing out! I don't want my friends/family to miss out on me and I don't want to miss out on the real you either! 

4) Staying true to yourself enhances your creativity

When you aren't being held back by boundaries of how you should be, you can let your creativity flow! I find that when I do a lot of research for my business. How to improve sales, how to take better pictures...etc. I find myself not enjoying it anymore. I'm trying to do all these things that I've read or I'm "SUPPOSED" to do and it's not ME being me and just creating! I do WAY better when I take little chunks of advice but allow myself to  be free and create what I want how I want. Just because a friend or Joe from some best selling book tells you that you need to do something a certain way, it doesn't make it true for you!

5) Your heart will never lead you astray

"Always listen to your heart. Even if it is on your left side it's still always right!"
You don't want to live a life full of regrets and wish you had followed your heart. I think of a job that may not make as much money but makes you happy. I think of making the right decisions for your kids because you know in your heart it's right even when others tell you other wise. I think of standing up for what's right even when it's unpopular or uncool. Being YOU will always bring you happiness in the end. 

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