Friday, February 14, 2014

Utah photographer LaLa's Lens Photography is our 3rd Stop!

I am so excited about today's Female Entrepreneur for 2 reason! First she's from UTAH (my home state where I grew up)! And Second because she is a Photographer. Anybody who knows me at all knows I think photography is the bomb dot com!
Lauren Ford Adams from Utah is the girl behind the amazing LaLa's Lens Photography.

Isn't she so cute! You can tell she has one of those contagious smiles. : )

Let's dive right in so we can all fall in love with Lauren and her beautiful photographs!

Lauren, tell us about your business?

I have a wedding and portrait photography business based in Davis County, Utah. I have a love affair with warm light and it shows in my pictures. I am often heard raving about how much I love weddings for the tans, white teeth and ear to ear grins. My favorite sessions are engagement sessions because the love is so new, fresh and exciting.  

What inspired you to start a photography business?

My cousin was a photography major in college and asked me to come along to a wedding. When I started reviewing the photos I took I realized it was something I could do. I have always been interested in photography but it is a really intimidating hobby to take up. I shot my first solo wedding for free and have been snapping ever since.

What is your dream, where do you see yourself , and what motivates you to do this every day?

My dream is to do photography because I love it, not out of necessity. I actually think this is more an attitude than anything else. 90% of the time I love what I do, the other 10% can seem a bit daunting. It may sound funny  but I know that the key to enjoying that 10% is my organization.

What motivates me to do this everyday?

My love for color, composition and faces.
What was your biggest challenge throughout the process of starting and growing your business?

 Oh gosh, comparing myself to everyone. I remember being 1 year in and getting so frustrated that I wasn’t on the level of photographers that had been at it for 10 years with a formal education. Once I stopped looking at their stuff and started focusing on mine my work improved exponentially.

If you could go back to your former self in the first year(s) when you were starting what would you tell yourself or what advice would you give yourself?

Shadow, ask questions, shoot, shoot, shoot. The only way to get better at anything is trial and error and to do it. AND the biggest motivator I would give myself is “You WILL get there… just keep at it”.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you could give someone who is thinking about starting a business?

Talk to those who are successful, most are willing to lend free advice.

Become a master of one thing. Know where your talents are.

Have fun!

Where can we Find and follow you at?

instagram: @lalas_lens

Phone: 801-360-0789

 Oh my goodness I can't stop staring at her photos! She is so talented. I need to set up a photo shoot with her next time I'm in Utah! I really liked how she shared that in the beginning she compared herself to everyone. She expected herself to be at the level of those that had 10 more years of experience. This can apply to any new business owner or really anything we try in life. Even motherhood! We can be so hard on ourselves and have such high standards for where we should be right at this moment. Rather than growing our skills/talents at a slow and steady pace.
Lauren, thank you so much for sharing a little about you and what you do with us, and for the great advice! It's a pleasure sharing your gorgeous photos on my blog. I will continue stalking your Instagram to admire all your pictures! ; )  

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