Friday, February 28, 2014

Virtual Road Trip next stop Polish Poise & Pout in ARIZONA!

I'm happy to introduce Polish Poise and Pout  a lifestyle blog from Arizona! 

These girls are so stylish and seriously everything they put out on their blog is top notch! Their graphics, colors, and content are clean, stylish, and so well done. 

Another thing I love about their blog is their awesome YOUTUBE video tutorials! 

Their Halloween Makeup tutorial video is my favorite!

All right so let's dive right into the interview!! 

Tell us a about your blog?

We are a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping the modern woman navigate through life in the most stylishly simple way possible. 

What inspired you to Start your blog?

Each of us are enthusiastic business owners in photography, beauty, and fashion personal styling and we have worked together for two years now. As our friendship and businesses grew, we wanted to have a place online that we could pool our resources together and give women valuable and useful information to create the most dreamy and polished life possible. 

What is your dream, where do you see yourself, and what motivates you to do this every day?

Our dream is to grow our business together (both individually and with PPP) and hopefully share a studio together one day where we can host events, create content for the blog, and collaborate and learn from each other on a daily basis. 

What was your biggest challenge throughout the process of starting and growing your blog?

We all face different challenges in our lives because although we have similar personalities that mesh really well, we have very different lifestyles. 

Rosemary is a mom of six that works from home with her husband,

 Leah is a mom of two that works part time at a salon,

and Lindsey is a single (with manfriend) lady who works a full time office job and is starting her own business part time while working. We juggle around responsibilities and are realistic about expectations. We are very new (we started our blog in October) so we are learning as we go but we have discovered that holidays are crazy and we have to make some sacrifices to PPP if we are all going to stay sane throughout stressful family times. But ultimately we love working together and sharing the things that we are passionate about to other women. 

If you could go back to your former self in the first year when you were starting what would you tell yourself or what advice would you give yourself?

Well, we're still here but I would say probably Prior Proper Planning Prevents Problems. Getting an editorial calendar squared away ASAP is so important and we're working on that now. 

What’s the biggest piece of advice you could give someone who is thinking about starting a blog?

Get help with what you are weak in so you can polish your strengths and let your full potential shine. And just do it! You have nothing to lose! 

Where can we Find and find you at?

My thoughts: 
I just LOVE these girls! How awesome are their future goals and dreams. A studio to host events would be amazing! And everyone would want to come(including me)! I think it's great that they realize they have to be realistic and juggle the blog around life and family. Sometimes it's hard to balance it all. But it sounds like they put what's important in life first! I love their advice to plan out an editorial calendar and they say if you want to start your own blog get help with the tasks you are weakest at but ultimately JUST DO IT! 

Thank you so much for sharing your blog and advice Rosemary, Lindsey, and Leah! I'm obsessed with everything you all do. It's been so fun watching your awesome blog grow so fast! I love learning from your amazing tips and tutorials in beauty, fashion, and everything else!! 

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